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Private Message Not Working

Posted: Sat, 22nd Dec 2007, 10:38pm

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I don't think my Private Messaging is working... What should I do to fix this?
Posted: Sat, 22nd Dec 2007, 10:55pm

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Check your Inbox, Outbox, and Sentbox. If any of these are full, select about half of the messages in them and send them to the Savebox.
Posted: Sat, 22nd Dec 2007, 10:56pm

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First off, explain more specifically how it isn't working. Here's how it should work: click the Messaging tab at the top of the screen, in the community section, and there should be a new PM that I have just sent you. Does the entire page not load, does the PM not show up, does it not let you open it? I'm sure it can get working properly, but a bit more info from your end would be helpful. Also what browser and OS you are running.