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Best Video Editing program to use with Vision Lab?

Posted: Thu, 27th Dec 2007, 8:31pm

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Big Guy

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Hello FX Home forum. I purchased Vision Lab and have been using Pinnacle 11, Microsoft MM as editing programs.

I am interested in getting best practices from anyone in the forum of which program out there is considered the BEST!!!

I strictly have been using the above mentioned for home movies, etc... However I am wanting to step up my game and provide more to my films.

Ease of use is always the best and for budget, I'd rather leave that for the projects I am working on.

Pinnacle is easy as pie, and MM is fair at best compared.

I have read the forums and unless I missed this thread, any help will be appreciated.
Posted: Thu, 27th Dec 2007, 10:09pm

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Hmm. Well, I've personally been using Pinnacle myself with FXhome software for quite a while. Generally, I've had good experiences with Pinnacle thus far, though I've heard from many people who can't stand it. You're correct in saying that it's very simple to use, and certainly better for most things than WMM.
However, pinpointing the "best" editing software is something of an impossibility - really it depends on what you're looking for. You say you need something easy to use that is inexpensive, and it seems like you have that already; so what kinds of new features are you looking for? In the end it doesn't make a lot of difference whether you use a high-end product or not. As long as the final film is edited with skill, it will likely look just as good, even using something like WMM. I would say, save your money unless there's something specific you want to do that's impossible with your current resources.
Posted: Thu, 27th Dec 2007, 10:20pm

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Big Guy

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Thanks Pixelboy for the reply...

Well here is the deal, I made a quick flick for the crew at my job for our christmas party. I wanted to add some effects so I purchased VLStudio...

After editing everything in Pinnacle, I loaded it to VLS and found it to be a nightmare to try and make heads and tails.

I am finding from reading so many threads that it may be best to add only the scenes in which I want to add the effects to and then return the final product back to the film within Pinnacle?

I'm not to sure if what I am reading and understanding are making much sense. I was hoping for a quick plug in effects and am finding that it is going to take a lot of time to make the effects work out how I planned.

This is the reason for the thread to inquire on what editing program marries well with VLS...
Posted: Thu, 27th Dec 2007, 11:30pm

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You read right. It's best to cut the parts that need effects out, and edit those small parts in Vlab. If you throw the whole movie in, it can be much harder to keep track of everything.

As far as programs that go with it easy, it's all personal preference. Pinnacle should work fine, as it is a very common NLE. Sony Vegas is another popular one that works very well, and is very user friendly IMO. Many people also use Adobe Premier or Final Cut, as those are considered the professional choices.

Once again, what you have sounds like it should do the job just as well as anything else.