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Posted: Thu, 10th Jan 2008, 3:59pm

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Is there something that can be done about the perpetual confusion surrounding the film-makers forum and General chat forum? All the time, I see new topics in one which should be in the other, and it's quite frustrating; at the moment, if I want to look at specific film-making topics, I have to check both forums.

Perhaps setting up some subcategories might help?
Posted: Thu, 10th Jan 2008, 4:34pm

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Short answer: there is no possible way to get people to post in the correct place every time.

Most people do get it right, but there are those who inadvertently, or for whatever reason, stick posts in the wrong place from time to time. Generally the moderators are pretty good about moving support topics into the correct forums, but sometimes between the two forums you mentioned something might stay a bit jumbled. When there is a particular post that seems out of place, please feel free to let myself or one of the other moderators know, and we can move it when we get the chance. That would help us to make sure everything stays organized as it should.