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Green Screen

Posted: Fri, 11th Jan 2008, 12:40am

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I have made a few videos w. a green screen but dont no how to edit using the green screen such as i want clouds or something in the background. plz tell me how.
Posted: Fri, 11th Jan 2008, 5:50am

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The usual way is simply to import both your green screen image and your other footage into the same project. See them in the media box? Good! Now make sure the background is in the back and the foreground is your greenscreen image. You do this by dragging the footage onto the timeline and then dragging the other footage on the time line as well. With your overlapping footage you should see the greenscreen footage in the foreground and the clouds in the back. If you don't reverse the order of the footage by dragging it up to the top or down to the bottom. When you've done this it is just a matter of cleaning up the green screen image with white erode etc until you have a nicely matched image. You can also resize your greenscreen image giving the illusion of flying in from a distance. start with a small frame and enlarge it every five frames or so and you'll have the illusion of starting as a point and getting bigger.
Hope this helps.
Posted: Fri, 11th Jan 2008, 9:49pm

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You can also go to the 'Support' section of this website and watch the keying video tutorials. If you have a slow internet connection and can't do this, then simply refer to the manual that was included with your product. It came with it for a reason.