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How do I control unpredictable tweening?

Posted: Sun, 30th Jun 2002, 4:54am

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Ok, right now I am editing a lightsaber battle. Everything looks fine when I do a section with a lightsword. After I have set it in the right place and gone frame by frame getting it to look nice, I hit enter to "set" it. But when I go back to look at what I've done, the saber blade is not where I had set it earlier. So I have needed to do everything twice. I set it where I want it, and then later go back to put it back where it should have been in the first place. It's extremely painstaking, especially since the battle is very long and I am trying to make it look really nice. The process is long enough as it is. Also, it is not just the lightsword plugin. It had also happened with the Red Lightning. It's minor shifting and wouldn't irk me in some situations, but when the glowing blade is "knocked" off the lightsaber, it doesn't look too good to have a wooden stick with some red blob to the side of it:-? . Anyone else ever have this problem? I am running AlamDV 2.1 and am on Windows 98SE. Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Posted: Sun, 30th Jun 2002, 11:11am

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This happend to me and i was quite annoyed about it all i did was uninstall AlamDV 2 then reinstalled it again and it was fine after that havnt had any problems with it since.
Posted: Sun, 30th Jun 2002, 1:38pm

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If you are not key framing every frame and start using rotation/scale then it will tween from the last point you set them - this can cause strange results if you are trying to do something that isn't tweened. You have a couple of options. Firstly you can just make sure you keyframe every frame for position/scale/rotation. Secondly, and more easy for lightswords, resort to the AlamDV1 interface mode which is discussed in the AlamDV2 pdf manual - this works frame-by-frame and should solve your problems.