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Does this help with making machinima? [ANSWER]

Posted: Tue, 15th Jan 2008, 3:21am

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Can this product record what I am doing on my XBOX 360, and then allow me to transfer it to my computer for editting? I am trying to find a way to make a machinima. If VideoWrap is not what I want, then could you please recommend something useful yet affordable? Thank You.
Posted: Tue, 15th Jan 2008, 3:46am

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No. VideoWrap doesn't capture footage at all, it is just for very easily compressing footage to a smaller size. I can't recommend anything, as I've no idea what a machinima even is, let alone how to do it.
Posted: Tue, 15th Jan 2008, 9:15pm

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Machinima is a form of filmmaking where you record the gameplay of a video game, and then edit it to turn it into something like a movie. Try searching machinima in combination with something like Halo 3, and you will see what I mean.
Posted: Tue, 15th Jan 2008, 9:44pm

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My son runs his X-Box through a VCR and brings me a tape every once in a while to capture to the computer so he can edit it and upload it...

I use my camcorder as a "firewire interface" - hook the VCR up to the RCA and the firewire up to the computer - and capture... maybe you could do something like that?

hope it gives you a few ideas wink
Posted: Wed, 23rd Jan 2008, 7:49pm

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Yeah some camcorders allow you to plug them into the TV, and record whats on the screen onto the camera tapes, then stream it onto the computor.

Failing that, use a DVD recorder, then rip the DVD onto your PC