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Mechwarrior like Robot

Posted: Sun, 30th Jun 2002, 11:23pm

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If someone out there could make a Mechwarrior like Millitary robot that would be most helpful. Especially amimated (walking). It would make for some good movies! Thanks Guys!
Posted: Sun, 30th Jun 2002, 11:25pm

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Yeah I found a cool robot mesh, but It's missing textures. And I'm currently working on some other plugin projects. I might send it to kermz, maybe he can do something for you. smile
Posted: Mon, 1st Jul 2002, 2:11am

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Yeah I did find a couple of mechwarrier meshes with textures. I'll try to do them tonight. KermZ
Posted: Mon, 1st Jul 2002, 2:16am

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Wheew! I thought you guys were talking about me for a second!! surprised

I think I saw a few mech meshes on 3D cafe . . . . cry new crying icon! with tears!