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Order paid for on 17th but still "pending"?!

Posted: Mon, 21st Jan 2008, 8:55pm

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I ordered VisionLab Studio on the 17th January and was able to download it. Unfortunately I'd thought the download included Visual Wrap and it didn't (it's for boxed versions only, which seems very unfair since it costs more to produce a boxed version than a download!) so I then went and ordered Visual Wrap and, rather begrudgingly, paid the £29 requested.

My credit card was charged this amount on the 17th January and yet instead of being able to download the software I received an email telling me that since I had placed two orders in a short period of time the order was "pending" for up to 48 hours until I confirmed I really wanted it. This is despite having been charged for the goods.

I sent a reply to FXHome as requested on Thursday 17th January, confirming I did want the goods.

More than 48 hours have passed, my credit card bill with the amount on has already been delivered and yet I can't download the software because it still shows as "pending".

Please can someone sort this out quickly or I will be forced to contact my credit card company to say the money has been taken under false pretences.
Posted: Mon, 21st Jan 2008, 11:33pm

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I would recommend contacting the support team directly at and explain the issue.

Your above paragraph's would do just fine

Something to remember, always read carefully about what you are ordering. It clearly states:

"Special Christmas Discount.
Add VisionLab Studio to your basket and get a 30% discount + free shipping + all boxed sales get VideoWrap free! (ends Jan 31st 2008)"

I've also made the same mistakes in the past sad
Posted: Tue, 22nd Jan 2008, 2:01pm

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I believe I emailed you earlier today regarding this issue. Please consult your email for further details. You should also find VideoWrap available for download in your account now.

Apologies for the confusion and delay!
Posted: Tue, 22nd Jan 2008, 7:52pm

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Indeed. More haste less speed. I still think it's a curious offer to have made in the first place given that physical collateral is always going to have a higher cost than bits and bytes floating around the internet. That being said, the mistake was mine, which is why I went back to purchase the original product.

Thanks for the prompt and generous response and I now have my copy downloaded and installed.

Count another satisfied customer. Thanks guys!