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How does the cinema handle flash .flv files?

Posted: Tue, 22nd Jan 2008, 11:47pm

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the Fiddler

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I was just wondering how the cinema handles flash (.flv) files? It allows them as an option, but what is done with them? I'm in the process of submitting my film and don't want people downloading the FLV files, but if it just embeds it in the page, with a player, this is such a sweet/great option because then we can do better quality than sucky YouTube, but still people can just watch right in the cinema and now have to download first. Thanks in advance. Oh and my preview page just gives a little error when I click the FLV's so that doesn't help (I'm hoping it works right once my film is approved).
Posted: Sat, 16th Aug 2008, 3:57pm

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you could try converting the file to an avi (the most commonly used type on the internet). Just look up .flv to .avi converter google, or replace .avi with whatever you want it to be. I always keep my movies on avi cause thats what youtube uses, anyway.