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Creating presets on the Mac [ANSWER]

Posted: Wed, 23rd Jan 2008, 10:52pm

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There's no right click to click and the manual doesn't say anything about creating presets on the Mac. And the tutorials section only says that they are coming soon. Any help would be much appreciated.

Also, there is nothing in my presets folders. On the PC I had a folder full of presets here, nothing. I'll try the clean reinstall and see if that helps. Still don't understand why it wouldn't work the first time.

I remember the Mac being more user friendly than the PC but I'm not entirely sure that's true anymore...

Posted: Thu, 24th Jan 2008, 1:41am

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As with any application that uses the right-click, you simply have to use a modifier key with the mouse. if you don't have a second button.

On the first page of the Interface Basics chapter of the manual, it says:

Note: Whenever the manual refers to right-clicking, Mac users should hold down the Ctrl key whilst clicking.

So there you have it, The control key is the modifier to use.

Odd that your presets folder is empty. Do you have any presets available within the program? A clean re-install should sort it out though. I look forward to seeing the presets you create.
Posted: Thu, 24th Jan 2008, 2:10am

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To right click on the mac you do ctrl + click
It took me 2 years to figure it out. lol
Posted: Thu, 24th Jan 2008, 3:07am

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SOL! (Shout out loud!)

Long ago in the infancy of my computer days I was a Mac afficionado. But I switched to PCs when The Mathworks stopped supporting the Mac. In my job as a rocket scientist I simply had to use Matlab. I've hated it ever since. After my latest PC crash I finally had enough and bought a Mac. I don't work at home any more (unless I'm writing) so don't need Matlab. But in the time I've been off the Mac I've forgotten everything! So I'm back on that learning curve.

As for the presets folder, I got it to work. With a hitch. My mac is set up for different user profiles. I, as the administator can see the presets. But for some reason, other users can't see them. Kind of annoying but not a showstopper.

Thanks for the excellent advice.