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Landspeeder and Elec. Binocs.

Posted: Tue, 2nd Jul 2002, 5:29am

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I would really like to request either Luke's landspeeder or that pointy one with the whale tail in Mos Eisley. I really like the HUD displays and I was thinking that an animated one of the electro/macro binoculars that are in the Star Wars movies would be cool. A good point of reference- the Jedi Outcast video game. By the way, I really like the speeder bike, although the trooper looks smooshed and bumpy. I was thinking if anyone out there is brave enough... and if anyone has the d/l time that creatures like dewbacks and rontos would be cool. Even like wamp rat animations to make them scurry would be cool! Or those Naboo Peko-Peko birds. Just some ideas...

Tessek, the squid head
Posted: Tue, 2nd Jul 2002, 8:47am

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Hi Tessek

Thanks for your comments. I have been reluctant to do the land speeder because it is an open craft and I would not want to do one with a fake Luke sitting in it. With the speeder bike at least the trooper is in a uniform so is harder to tell is fake.

The creatures would be like Yoda - not necessarily looking good as a plugin. Will see what I come up with. KermZ
Posted: Mon, 8th Jul 2002, 3:52pm

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I agree with you, it would look inredibley fake and stupid if you built a landspeeder with a fake Luke inside of it, but what about a closed landspeeder? Maybe Owen Lars' speeder? I dunno, just a thought.
Posted: Mon, 8th Jul 2002, 4:06pm

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this might be a really stupid idea, but i am gonna say it anyway...

what about if u make the luke in the speeder, plain blue...

that way, after fiddling in alamdv, they could bluescreen in themselves or summit...

i dunno if this is at all possible, but it might eb worth a shot crazy
Posted: Tue, 9th Jul 2002, 2:07am

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Sorry ... start of a new term has been a bit busy already. I will work on the Landspeeder plugin asap.