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Can I grade a mask?

Posted: Sun, 27th Jan 2008, 6:56am

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OK so how would I grade a mask. Say I want to take an outside shot (sand dunes with blue sky) and make it look like Mars. I can grade the whole thing and add a bit of extra red. I looks cool but the sky is still too blue. How would I put a mask on the sky and grade just the sky. Yes I bluescreened the sky and added a background but it is still not what I want. Anybody wanna tackle this issue. Thanks
Posted: Sun, 27th Jan 2008, 7:30am

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Just add a Grade Object to the timeline, over your footage. You can mask that just like any other object. If you have the sky keyed out already, you can use that alpha channel as an Object Mask for the Grade Object - or you can draw a freehand mask.
Hope that makes sense biggrin
Posted: Sun, 27th Jan 2008, 8:29am

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You can also use the gradient filter to alter the sky color in a slightly less precise, but often still effective manner.