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Request: Heads Exploding

Posted: Wed, 3rd Jul 2002, 10:17pm

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I am making a film that has someones heads exploding. Is there someway where you can make a plug-in that will allow someones head to explode. Like, make it explode with alot of blood and go to a transparent background, missing the head?
Posted: Wed, 3rd Jul 2002, 10:19pm

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Well I'm sure lots of people would enjoy this plugin, but look at the blood plugins that are out now, I doubt it would look very realistic. But, it'd be interesting to see done.
Posted: Wed, 3rd Jul 2002, 10:25pm

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plus if it was a plug-in, everyone would look the same smile and that would just be freaky....
Posted: Wed, 3rd Jul 2002, 11:27pm

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hehe.. true.
This effect can easaly be done without alamdv biggrin
if you have photoshop, that is.
Posted: Wed, 3rd Jul 2002, 11:55pm

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Sorta what TMM said. Simply put, YOU CANNOT HAVE PLUGINS WHICH INTERACT WITH THE ENVIRONMENT IN ALAMDV2. Alamdv3 is out of the question.

If you want someone's head to blow up, try using a blood splat plugin. Put a few on their head. Around three. Three's good. You'll want to mask mask their head out when it explodes with photoshop, or after effects. Or whatever.
Posted: Thu, 4th Jul 2002, 1:20am

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I think this might be a good pluggin. If the explosion is fast enough with flying bits of flesh then I think it would be cool. They often switch out a dummy to blow up in movies, and the editting and explosion is so quick that the audience most often doesn't notice. I think the only thing that would matter about the actor vs. effect alikeness would be the hair and skin color.

I think that the best plugin would look similar to putting a flash grenade in a zombies mouth as in Resident Evil for Gamecube.
Posted: Thu, 4th Jul 2002, 7:30am

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That is disgusting.