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Glowing Runes and Glyphs, phosphorous rain and luminous fog

Posted: Thu, 4th Jul 2002, 5:48am

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arch evil

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Idea 1: If anyone is interested, I think that glowing runes and glyphs would be a good option (say for perhaps a little bit of esoteric magic) These runes and glyphs could be for laying upon the ground, or slammed onto the forheads of people of even flaring up on an someone's outcast palm.

Idea 2: A rain overlay that has phosphorus 'sparkling' effects in it could be useful for a benevolent/manevolent casting by wizards and witches alike.

Idea 3: Luminous fog, i.e., perhaps a slightly denser fog than the fog overlay effect (or not) but in luminous colours. Could be one colour e.g., luminous blue, or luminous green fog, or could be a combination like luminous blue and green.

They're just suggestion people.
I'll look into giving them a try. You might want to aswell.
Posted: Thu, 4th Jul 2002, 2:21pm

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hmm, that sounds tricky. But fun. I might try one, but first I need a titoral about how to make plug-ins. I havn't a clue. confused
Posted: Sat, 6th Jul 2002, 6:28am

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Check the Tutorials Forum. There is a plugger tutorial in there, which should tell you everything you need to know.
Posted: Sat, 6th Jul 2002, 3:00pm

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Thanks Axeman.
Posted: Tue, 9th Jul 2002, 2:39pm

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you could make runes, with the glow laser plug-in lol
that would work.
Posted: Tue, 9th Jul 2002, 8:11pm

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Adjusting fog levels would be cool for this, fog that looked a little different each time might also be useful as well...