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Cutting A tree down

Posted: Thu, 4th Jul 2002, 3:54pm

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In my new starwars movie . I want to beable to cut a tree down with a lightsaber. I saw them cut a tree in half in Emergence Of The Sith. and it looked prety good. KermZ maybe u could make that since ur awsome at making plugins biggrin
Posted: Thu, 4th Jul 2002, 7:53pm

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eek Could this be a use for Kermz tree plug in. eek I guess that you could use kermz tree plugin and a mask, and rotate it, to make it fall over. lol
Posted: Thu, 4th Jul 2002, 8:00pm

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Hmm..Kermz plugin wouldn't look realistic enough for that situation. I'd suggest going to another place in the woods and filming a tall tree, but only get the trunk. The put blue behind it so you can superimpose it into the footage of you walking through the it'll look like there's another tree there, understand? Then you can just use the tree, and maybe photoshop it in half and make it fall down. Then , once combined with the footage of you in the real woods, should look pretty shibby. me
Posted: Mon, 8th Jul 2002, 3:56pm

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I agree with Hajiku_Flip. It would take way to long to produce an effect that wouldn't look good enough if a tree was a plugin. Sometimes the old fashioned way is still the best lol