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star wars soldiers needed

Posted: Sat, 23rd Feb 2008, 1:16pm

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Does anyone know were i can gets some videos of storm troopers,droids,hoth soldiers,rebel soldiers walking,running,shooting.ect.or maby somebody would be kind enough to make me some i need it for a film im working on it involves a massive fight on a hoth type planet which i created in bryce 5.5
its amazing what scenery you can make in bryce. i got it for free so if anybody wants it along with lots of scenes including snow scenes,desert scenes,wood scenes and more just email me
Posted: Tue, 26th Feb 2008, 9:00am

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Just search 'droids' or 'star wars' in the AlamDV2 plugin section and loads come up. i'm sure you'll find something satisfactory.
Posted: Mon, 10th Mar 2008, 5:27pm

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Search "Star Wars" under "AlamDV2 Plugins" in the "Downloads" section. wink