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Detach canvas and timeline windows [ANSWER]

Posted: Sat, 23rd Feb 2008, 6:15pm

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I just downloaded a copy of VisionLab Studio and since I use a dual monitor system, I would highly prefer to re-arrange 2 of the windows. I would like to detach and move the timeline window to the other monitor for a more comfortable arrangement.

I would also like to change the background color of the toolbox set window ..

So how do I do these? Thanks.

I changed the canvas background color and that feels better.
Posted: Mon, 25th Feb 2008, 9:30am

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I'm sorry but there isn't currently a way of detaching toolbox's or have the application span over two monitors. The GUI is also set so you can't change the color of the toolbox background. The application opens on your "primary" monitor, so if you'd prefer it on one of the other, just change the order of your monitors, setting your chosen one as the default in Windows.
Posted: Mon, 25th Feb 2008, 5:17pm

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Hmm, well, thanks for your reply. It just feels "stuck" and makes the learning curve a little more difficult for me. I use a Mac and I'm used to dragging my applications like FCP (the 4 windows) around. I also color code things for easy identification. Maybe this could be considered as a feature request for the future...

I wonder if anyone else has felt that.