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how do you clone?

Posted: Sun, 24th Feb 2008, 2:21am

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i need to know how cloning works
Posted: Sun, 24th Feb 2008, 3:35am

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Lock the shot off with a tripod.

Film the actor doing one thing. Without moving the camera, film the actor doing another thing.

Import both of these into CLab.

Mask out what you don't want to see on the top layer (so you can see the other layer below it)

I probably didn't make myself clear but someone else will give a better description of this
Posted: Sun, 24th Feb 2008, 9:36pm

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In other words, for basic cloning, just do a split screen by taking the two layers and masking half (the half that doesn't have the guy of course) of the top layer showing both layers with a guy on each side.

For advanced cloning (such as the clones walking around each other or one jumping out of the other, like in the fx homepage intro movie), you would either have to have a very intricate mask, or just to make it easier use a blue or greenscreen (to make it as realistic as possible, you might want to film both in front of a screen).