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Warhammer 40k Vehicles / Machines

Posted: Fri, 5th Jul 2002, 10:09pm

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It would be great if we could have a few Warhammer 40k ( plugins. The vehicles and war machines are very cleverly designed and would look great in any form of sci-fi footage biggrin

I'd love to create the plugins myself, but I sadly know nuts about 3D object-creation lol Plugin gods e.g. Kermz, please render aid to lesser mortals like myself! biggrin
Posted: Mon, 8th Jul 2002, 2:00pm

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yes i would like to see something from Warhammer 40k too or even just Warhammer
i used to be very much into this a while a go i am still interested in it a little bit but i mostly just collect and paint i dont bother playing the game but it would be cool if someone could make a vehicles biggrin
Posted: Mon, 8th Jul 2002, 2:09pm

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as a particular fan of warhammer - i am gonna finish painting up my TAU tank, and then take a fe wpics of it, and make it into a plug-in...

that may be usful to some...
Posted: Fri, 12th Jul 2002, 8:33am

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I hardly know anything about warhammer but i have seen some of the models and think they would make excellent plugins.