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Posted: Thu, 13th Mar 2008, 3:03pm

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PhotoKey is a great product. I typically process large numbers of shots, normally in the hundreds. There are a few things I would really like to see. One is batch processing (I left my comments on this subject in another thread). I would also like to see the current file name displayed in the title bar. Lastly, and maybe it's just me, but I find myself moving the mouse left and right a lot. Since I manually process many, many shots I have to repeatedly do things such as: click import on the left of the window, click change on the right of the window, move back to the left to select something, then back to the right, back to the left and so on, and finally when I'm done, it's export on the left and back to the right to set something.

What do you think about just grouping all this together?

Posted: Fri, 14th Mar 2008, 10:25am

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Simon K Jones

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Thanks for the feedback. We'll definitely bear all this in mind for future development of PhotoKey and see if there's anything we can do to reduce the amount of mousing required.
Posted: Mon, 31st Mar 2008, 4:46am

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I agree -- there is a lot of left/right back and forth mousing. Right now there are three columns, left controls, photo, and right controls. Just put column 3 next to column 2 -- the photo will go on the right.

Thanks for a great product.