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Semi-transparent computer outputs!!!!!

Posted: Mon, 8th Jul 2002, 6:26pm

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Has anyone here seen Minority Report, those computer screens are so cool. What I'm suggesting are just semi transparents computer screen shots with a futuistic looking Operating System. Nothing fluid, just a couple of shot. It could be resized much like the red force field. I think this would be cool. biggrin smile cool lol
Posted: Mon, 8th Jul 2002, 10:10pm

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Much like I just requested this morning. Take a look around, many things you want may already be requested...
Posted: Tue, 9th Jul 2002, 2:09am

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Would be happy to make this plugin. Do you want different angles? Or just front on> KermZ
Posted: Tue, 9th Jul 2002, 4:57pm

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Having different angles would be useful smile Thanks as usual, Kermz!
Posted: Tue, 9th Jul 2002, 5:01pm

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maybe adjustable transparency would be a good idea for these plug-ins smile

that way people can get the desired effect easily...