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Anyone know where i can find these?

Posted: Tue, 25th Mar 2008, 5:34pm

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I want to film my kids "flying" on my green screen, so i would need stars, night sky, planets, etc scrolling left to right in space.... Anything?

Also, i am looking for a pic or video of that screen you see when you go the movies and it says PG, or R, etc and is green i believe that is basically the motion picture rating page before a preview is shown--- i want to put one on the beginning of my movie for fun...

Posted: Tue, 25th Mar 2008, 6:13pm

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If you are thinking of making planets or star fields yourself, Planetside software makes a free program called Terragen 2 that you might be interested in:

Version 2 allows you to generate planets (as well as terrestrial landscapes) and has supposedly been used in some feature films. It can have a somewhat steep learning curve, however.
Posted: Tue, 25th Mar 2008, 7:59pm

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its free personal non-commercial use.
i looked into this you have to buy the full version
if you where going to make movies and use the software theres a watermark on the free one that pops up
the last i used the free demo

thats why i when with the vue 6 software
you can do more with it and you can make your own planets
its not free

there was a program that was free some years ago
forgot what program it was
Posted: Tue, 25th Mar 2008, 8:56pm

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got some of that (or can make it or help - for sure) at my site smile