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Feedback and printing suggestion

Posted: Mon, 31st Mar 2008, 4:56am

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PhotoKey works like a charm; I am very pleased. The only problem I ran into was really annoying, however.

I did a series of photos. Each time I clicked the "Print" button, and the print dialog came up, I had to specify the paper type, paper size, etc. It is as if the program (or the OS) forgot what I used the last time, and went back to plain letter-sized paper (instead of the glossy 4x6 photo paper I was using).

This was especially unfortunate because PhotoKey does so well at remembering the last opened folder, when getting background and foreground picture files.

Details: Using Win Vista Home Service Pack 1, the latest PhotoKey (just bought it today), a Canon i9100 printer with Canon's printer driver. I did not try it with another driver as I have just one printer connected. Also, this problem does not happen with other software such as MS Word 2007 or Paint Shop Pro 9; these programs remember the last-used print settings, and apply them to all documents/photos printed until the program is closed.

One other strange thing about printing in PhotoKey. The first time after I click the "Print" button, the print dialog came up. So I would click the "Preferences" button and set (or re-set) the paper type, size, etc. Closing the preferences screen took me back to the print dialog where I would click "OK". This dialog would disappear and then after a few seconds, the print dialog would appear again. I click "OK" and the printing starts. I have not seen other programs (ex: MS Word, PSP9) that have a two-dialog printing process.

Otherwise, the program is wonderful and well worth the cost.