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New Feature request

Posted: Tue, 1st Apr 2008, 6:45am

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Hi, I am really enjoying the Photokey program as well as the nice customer service on the phone (Tubetape).
If you do add a plug-in version of Photokey for Photoshop then these issues will solve themselves but if you keep it as a stand alone product then I think these items would be helpful -
1 - Ability to mask areas of the subject before removing the screen. This way we would not loose color in the crucial areas we want to keep intact such as eyes or small areas of clothing. Or, the ability to paint areas back in from a history brush.
2 - Ability to drag and drop the foreground and/or background.
3 - Add a custom sizing option for canvas size

Thanks for a already great product!
Posted: Tue, 1st Apr 2008, 9:38pm

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Hi Julian,

Thanks for the nice words about our customer support. We echo your comments below. They are all great suggestions. I know the FXhome folks are listening to all the feedback. We've heard and passed on many similar comments. They seem intent on adding enhancements to future releases.

A reset all button has been asked for a number of times as well. Along with the many many requests for batch.