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How can i make that cool invisible predator effect in vision

Posted: Thu, 10th Apr 2008, 12:28am

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can someone tell me a easy way to make a person look like the texture of the predator when he's invisible. I stumble upon it one night but i was soo tired i cant remember how i did it. I am using a green suit for the footage will that effect it?
Posted: Thu, 10th Apr 2008, 1:14am

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no no I don't know a vid tutorial but i'll try to explain

1.footage of you on green screen
2. get backround
3. copy another layer of YOU
4. put the bottom layer of you as a displaced composite
(FYI the order of layers starting at bottom is backround, displaced you, you)

5. mask the top layer for a creation or turn-off of the effect

there is no top layer needed if you don't need to turn it on
Posted: Thu, 10th Apr 2008, 2:45am

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The effect you are asking about is called Displacement Mapping. For each layer on the timeline, there is a Section titled "Composite". Inside it, one of the composite tools is the Displacement Map.
Posted: Thu, 10th Apr 2008, 5:44pm

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I asked this question a while ago and was sent this link:

I followed it exactly, substituting my own background and green screen footage, and it worked perfectly...Good luck!!