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Where is the Alamdv cd!

Posted: Thu, 11th Jul 2002, 2:50am

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Hi, I was wondering where in the world the AlamDv cd is being sold, what it has on it, and if you can get it in the United States. I haven't been able to find it, and I don't really know what's on it, so any info here would be helpful! Thanks! biggrin
Posted: Thu, 11th Jul 2002, 3:00am

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i think:

The cd will have the program and the manual pdf.
It isnt out yet but will be soon.
Posted: Thu, 11th Jul 2002, 3:40am

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There really is not much advantage in owning the CD version over the download version. Maybe if you have a slow modem it might be a pain downloading all the plugins but no more than waiting an unknown amount of time for the CD version to come to a store near you.
Posted: Thu, 11th Jul 2002, 1:27pm

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We're still sorting out distribution for the CD. It taking longer than we thought but we are still working on it. We hope to distribute in the states but we dont know where exactly. The CD will not contain anything you cant download from the site. Its basically for people who dont know the site exists. It just makes it more likely that people will find us. If you've found the website you might as well buy it here
Posted: Sat, 13th Jul 2002, 11:52pm

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yes, this is a very s l o w process...

hopefully it will be out before Christmas time! the big selling season....

...and "getting" season biggrin
Posted: Tue, 16th Jul 2002, 7:28pm

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I think it was rgreat that you were in MacAddict! But I'd also like to see a DVD: The best of AlamDV Cinema.
Posted: Tue, 16th Jul 2002, 8:17pm

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ooh... a "best of" alamdv DVD. Don't forgett to include the classics like Tony the Phantom Menace.
Posted: Tue, 16th Jul 2002, 10:54pm

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And Horsey Hijack!
Posted: Tue, 16th Jul 2002, 10:57pm

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Oh hell yeah. Horsey Hijack is the best film in the cinema! cool