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Walking on car

Posted: Tue, 22nd Apr 2008, 2:00pm

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Here's the scene: A car is running fast and zombies are on top of the car.
How would I do that using only composite lab. No CG no motion tracking, nothing but composite lab. I've been using it for a while so I know a few stuff. I was thinking of filming a foreground moving. then take a picture of the back of my car. Then mask out the picture so you can only see my car. Then place them on top of each other and have the car running. Then add green screened zombies on the top of the car. Add some camera shakes and there!! That's how I plan on doing it but what are other ways. how could I add reflections on the car so it seems moving? Thanks
Posted: Tue, 22nd Apr 2008, 2:53pm

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Simon K Jones

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A lot depends on whether you mind your actors climbing all over your car or not.

If you're OK with that, then I'd simply set up a greenscreen behind the car and film whatever you need, then composite in the moving backgrounds. While filming, wave some lights around and past the car to simulate streetlights goings past (presuming it's set at night, of course).

If you don't want people on your car then it'll be more difficult. I'd probably then build a mini greenscreen set in the shape of your car and have them clamber all over THAT, and then composite the car underneath them and the background. That would be much more complex, but should also work.

As for doing reflections, that'd be pretty difficult and complex, without having something actively reflecting off the car. If you've got a large projection screen and projector you could project the background onto that so that it then reflects off the car, perhaps?

Oh, and CompositeLab is CG, as it creates computer generated images. So there's no avoiding CG, I'm afraid. wink
Posted: Tue, 22nd Apr 2008, 8:26pm

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alright thanks. I could set up a green screen behind my car but there will probably be hot spots. and probably windy so that's why I didn't want to actually film it on the car. and I meant like 3D stuff biggrin
Posted: Fri, 23rd May 2008, 2:29am

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ooh good idea iv done somthing like that but i was riding a roller coaster well in my (moms) car