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CloverField Effects

Posted: Sat, 3rd May 2008, 8:18pm

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I need a preset of the Muzzel Flashes, Grading, and Explosions from the movie Cloverfield Because I'm making parody of the movie and I need some of the presets so i can make my movie.
Posted: Sun, 4th May 2008, 1:02am

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Check under AlamDV2 Plugins under the downloads tab. They have all those things. And I don't think you'd need to do any grading, because it was shot on a basic camera; maybe a day for night filter, but that would probably be about it.
Posted: Sun, 4th May 2008, 5:19am

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If you could explain how the muzzle flashes and explosions are different than ordinary muzzle flashes and explosions, or better yet, provide pictures, that would be helpful too.
Posted: Sun, 11th May 2008, 5:52pm

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DUDE THIS IS MY SPECIALTY!!! I can try and make one but use the day for night and the blueish effect it looks awesome!
Posted: Tue, 24th Jun 2008, 3:14am

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The FE

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cloverfield wasnt shot on a basic camera.....