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Posted: Thu, 15th May 2008, 12:43pm

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Simon K Jones

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Welcome to the FXhome Film Project!

FXhome is making a short film. A proper short film, with a story and characters, amazing visuals, thrilling action and great music. And the best bit is that we want your help!

This post contains up-to-date links to all the information about the FXhome Film Project, including opportunities for you to get directly involved. Keep checking back for updates, and watch the news page for the big announcements.

If you have questions about the film or want to discuss the project, please feel free to post in the FXhome Film Project forum!

Film overview

Title: Fracture
Genre: Sci-fi drama
Running time: 10 minutes
Shooting dates: 29 June - 5 July 2008, in Norwich, England
Synopsis: On the bleak and unforgiving surface of a distant world a fragile mining base stands isolated, relentlessly battered by brutal storms. Its small crew have known loneliness, love and betrayal in their time there, and in such a claustrophobic environment secrets can’t stay hidden forever.


Progress report

  • Producing crew on-board tick 01/04/08
  • Script lock tick 19/05/08
  • Casting call tick 09/05/08
  • Studio space acquired tick 23/05/08
  • Auditions tick 01/06/08
  • Set design confirmed tick 07/06/08
  • Set materials delivered tick 11/06/08
  • Set infrastructure complete tick 21/06/08
  • Cast arrival tick 28/06/08
  • Set dressing complete tick 29/06/08
  • Rehearsals tick 29/06/08
  • Shooting day 1 tick 30/06/08
  • Shooting day 2 tick 1/07/08
  • Shooting day 3 tick 2/07/08
  • Shooting day 4 tick 3/07/08
  • Shooting day 5 tick 4/07/08
  • Editing tick
  • Music tick
  • VFX tick
  • Sound

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