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Demo is very slow

Posted: Tue, 3rd Jun 2008, 10:43pm

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Hello, this product sounds great! I just downloaded the demo and when I add a video clip (either high def or std def) the clip runs very slow with or without added effects. (I have a dual quad core with 8 gigs of RAM.) Is there a way to maybe use a "draft" setting or is this slow pace standard with this app? I guess I was expecting something a bit smoother like my NLE.

Posted: Wed, 4th Jun 2008, 12:00am

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In general, its probablynot going to be quite as smooth as your editor, but here's a few tips to help the situation.

Make sure to preview render before you hit play. You might already be doing this, but just in case, I thought I'd mention it, as otherwise, its trying to render everything on the fly, and that tends to slow things down. The Preview Render button has an icon of a RAM chip on it. After you set the in and out points for the section you would like to render, hit that button to create a preview render.

In the Canvas menu, you can adjust the quality of the rendered frames. Setting it to "Half" or "Third" is essentially the same as a 'draft' setting, and greatly expediates the whole process.
Posted: Wed, 4th Jun 2008, 4:38am

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Thanks! That was helpful.