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Video canvas [ANSWER]

Posted: Fri, 6th Jun 2008, 5:38am

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Hey I accidentaly moved the canvas possition thing with the arrows in the 4 corners of the canvas and i cant find the video!! is there a tool that i can use to snap back to the video?
Posted: Fri, 6th Jun 2008, 6:50am

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Yep, there is.

From the Canvas section of the manual: If you 'lose' the canvas by scrolling too far, you can re-center it by pressing the focus canvas button on the toolbar, or by right clicking one of the corner scroll markers. There is a picture of the button in question in the manual, if you can't seem to find it.

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Posted: Thu, 19th Jun 2008, 7:14am

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hey or you can just right click the screen where ur footage was and drag the mouse to find it.