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Unable To Activate [ANSWER]

Posted: Fri, 13th Jun 2008, 4:10am

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Good evening,

I purchased Photo Key Software from Tube Tape on 5/27/08 in an ebay auction. I did not download the software from the internet but instead requested an installation disk which I received yesterday. I installed on my computer and the installation was completed successfully, however was then request to provide a product key # which was not sent to me.
I requested assistance from Tube Tape and their reply was to uninstall software then reinstall and during the installation process I would be requested to save the Product Key in a file to be retrieved and entered once the installation was completed. I did as instructed however during the installation process I was never requested to save the product key anywhere.
The ebay auction item # was 270240616916 PhotoKey Green Screen Chromakey Backdrop Software NEW!
Digital Background Editing Software anyone can use Item number: 270240616916

I have attempted to activate on your website however I am being asked for a serial # which I have not been provided either.

I paid $99.95 plus shipping and handling for this item through paypal.

Please help me. I really need this software to activate since I am shooting a lot of pictures for a family gathering this weekend.

Thank you

Best regards

Bill Meroth[/quote]
Posted: Fri, 13th Jun 2008, 4:24am

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It might be faster and more efficient to email the fxhome team with a question like this. Try sending an email to and I'm sure they'll get back to you soon.
Posted: Fri, 13th Jun 2008, 4:48am

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Hi Bmeroth,

We resent your PhotoKey serial number to you. Just follow the instructions in the email to register and download your product key file. If you contacted us we probably thought the registration had already been completed on the FXhome site. However it sounds like you need the serial number and installation instructions. Sometimes this email gets dumped in a spam filter or lost.

Please consult the following url for additional help. It is also referenced in the email

You can also email us at