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Robotech movie gathers pace

Posted: Tue, 17th Jun 2008, 10:32am

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Simon K Jones

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A live action Robotech movie has been brewing for a while, moving up a gear when Spidey himself, Tobey Maguire, took the project under his wing. A recent announcement linked fabled writer Lawrence Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark, no less! Oh, and Dreamcatchers...) and Batman producer Chuck Roven, so things are looking up for fans of the anime classic.

Unfortunately hack writer Akiva Goldsman is also onboard as a producer, continuing his inexplicable career which really should have ended back in the 90s with the double-whammy of Batman & Robin and Lost in Space. Hopefully his unique skills won't derail the project in the same way they did I, Robot, The Da Vinci Code and I Am Legend...
Posted: Tue, 17th Jun 2008, 8:01pm

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Kasdan can write this... but not Indy 4?!

Posted: Thu, 26th Jun 2008, 2:38am

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