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How to cut off body parts in Effects Lab Pro

Posted: Sun, 22nd Jun 2008, 2:56am

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Z films

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So to cut off limbs in effects lab you will need these things
1.A tripod
2.An actor
3.Effects lab pro (I think it works in lite but i'm not sure)

What you need to do is take a clip of your actor pretending to lose their head and a clip of the plain background without the actor, Then cut the 2 clips together in a editing program like sony vegas and import them into effects lab MAKE SURE YOU GO TO SELECT VIDEO CLIP! , Select the slice tool

and then find the spot where your actor dissapears and cut it, then slide the background plate under the actors plate like so

Now on the actors plate select a freehand mask and draw completely around the actors head

This next part is hard, You have to make sure the mask follows the actors head completely to the end of the clip, It is hard but it gives good results, This part is to make the actors head actually fall off instead of just suddenly dissapearing, to do this we have to copy the actors plate to the top of the timeline, I suggest you rename the copy so you dont confuse the two

In the upper track crop it so it starts when the actor loses their head

so now delete the mask in the upper track, ONLY THE UPPER TRACK!

In the upper track animate the head to make it look realistic and to make it fly off the head

This is the last step in the process, You have to draw a new freehand mask on the upper track and make it inverted and make sure it follows the animated head completely, Add some feather aswell

Then just add some blood if you want and you're done. Hope this helped
Posted: Sun, 22nd Jun 2008, 4:35pm

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I doesn't have to be select movie, thats only for lite i think
Posted: Tue, 24th Jun 2008, 12:35am

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Z films

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No it is for pro too, Well I think it is, If it isn't then something's wrong with my software