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Duel Monitor problem

Posted: Mon, 30th Jun 2008, 5:38pm

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Kin-Char Bamin

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I have a problem that I'm sure has been answered but I can't find it.
I have two monitors on my system and when I bring up EffecsLab Pro the splash screen is centered between the two monitors and the working window always opens on the 2nd display (not the primary).

Is there someplace I can adjust this so it will open on the primary display?

Posted: Tue, 1st Jul 2008, 3:19am

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what videocard do you have and what software do you own to drive the duel monitors

Posted: Tue, 1st Jul 2008, 2:03pm

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Travis Kunze

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You don't need any software for duel monitors. Not sure bought the problem your having though, could be a vid card issue though
Posted: Tue, 1st Jul 2008, 3:23pm

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Kin-Char Bamin

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NVidia Quadro NVS 140M in a Dell Latitude Laptop.
Using the default Vista stuff.

If I run the laptop stand alone without the second montitor everything is fine.

Just goes nuts when I hook up the second monitor.

Guess I'm the only one with the problem.
Posted: Wed, 2nd Jul 2008, 5:34am

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What you can do is in EffectsLab:

  • Go to the "Edit" menu and choose "Preferences"
  • On the bottom right of the window that pops up, just above the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons, there is a section called "Window size".
  • Put the dimensions of your first monitor in there and untick the box next to "Run Fullscreen".
  • Restart EffectsLab and now you can drag it from the 2nd monitor to the first.

Let us know how this works out.