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Confused- Cloning

Posted: Wed, 2nd Jul 2008, 9:05pm

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Okay, so i use Pinnacle to edit, etc....

How do i take my already edited video from Pinnacle and do cloning? The tutorials i see look more like raw footage?

So, where do i stick the "other half" of my clone on my edited footage when i bring it up in Composite lab pro?

just at the very end or something?

Posted: Wed, 2nd Jul 2008, 11:45pm

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Generally you would import the footage of each clone as a separate clip. Then you composite them together in CompositeLab. Typically compositing work is also done on a shot-by-shot basis, so whether you have done a rough edit yet or not shouldn't matter too much. You just pick the shot you want to add a clone to, export that shot, as well as the clone footage, and composite them together in CompositeLab. Export it, replace the original clip on the timeline of your editor, and move on to the next shot with a clone in it.
Posted: Mon, 7th Jul 2008, 8:31pm

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Here's what to do to make a clone. This should clear it up for you a bit.
1.Make two seperate movies on Pinnacle, one for each clone.
2.Import them to CompositeLab as seperate clips.
3.Take one of the clips and drag it to timeline.
4.Garbage Matte the other half of the clip, the side without the clone.(Make sure the clone doesn't pass over the matte!)
5.Place the other clip BEHIND the one with the matte.

And there you go, you should have a clone!