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Posted: Sat, 5th Jul 2008, 7:31pm

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I've spent enless hours trying to figure this one out and am finally ready to give up. I've scoured the help and can find nothing.
I have an object that enters the timeline at..say 10 seconds (Point A). Then in the next 1/2 second it is reposistioned on the screen (Point B). The tweening between these two points works just fine. Here's the problem

In another 15 seconds I need the object to make another move. I'll call the initial second move Point C. Then in another 1/2 second it makes another move....Point D.

Between A and B tweening works fine. At that point I need the object to remain the same until the next move starting at Point C.
The problem is Composite lab pro wants to tween between point B and C.

Could anyone tell me how to prevent this?
Many thanks,
Mel Jackson
Posted: Sat, 5th Jul 2008, 8:20pm

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On the timeline, go to the frame immediately before point C. Set the position of the layer on that frame to exactly match the position of the layer at Point B. An easy way to do this is to copy and paste the keyframe from point B.

Its even easier if you create the keyframes as you go. Place the object at point A, go to point B and place the object again. then go to point C and add akeyframe, without moving the object. Now go to point D and position the object again.

Basically, if you have two points with identical keyframes, then the object will stay put between those keyframes.