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Great Program but some things should be fixed or implimented

Posted: Mon, 28th Jul 2008, 10:43pm

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I love photokey, long ago dumped all my paper backgrounds these are a few things that bug me, the original developer of Greenscreen Wizard listened now thats its renamed and In your hands I hope you will listen too, as a working photographer time is money: why do I keep having to keep changing the directories when I am in the program???? here is my directory setup, D drive backrounds puting it in computereze D:\backgrounds\england....or whatever, my work is on the C drive C:\Laura\May 08.....and of course Finished would be C:\done\Laura May 08..... as I recall Greenscreen Wizard had no trouble remembering directories, somewhere it got lost in the other thing whynot automaticaly save a copy of the file with a extension, like laura-fx that way the original is never in danger and it would save time

Position, why not implement the arrow keys for PRECISE placement, its almost a no brainer, up and down arrow keys for vertical,left and right for horizontal.....control key up and down arrows for scale, control key left and right for rotate, you even have lots of space to explain it under the sliders it would be a big help in exact placement.

I love black, but I think the frame around the work frame should be a grey it would make the over scan, under scan easier to see.

and of course on my wish list batch processing would be a very great, I see from the other post you guys are working on it....hurry, it would save lots of callouses on my fingers.

Thanks folks over the big pond, for making a great program even better as you can see from above I use it on a daily basis.
Posted: Tue, 29th Jul 2008, 9:39am

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Thanks for the feedback! You'll be pleased to hear that more precise control over settings (including position) is one of our priorities.

I'll make sure the development team see your post!