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Particle movement with Camera Motion [ANSWER]

Posted: Sun, 3rd Aug 2008, 6:33pm

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I am new to the program but I have been getting familiar with the particle engine. Let's say I wanted to add smoke coming from a barrel in my video. Each frame I relocate the emitter to match up with the barrel (because of the camera motion with panning and some shakiness. But I want to know how I can make the whole effect move over or up or whatever. That way it matches with the camera movements and becomes part of the scene. When I just move the emitter the smoke that has risen is still in the same spot on the screen but it doesn't match up with the emiter. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Posted: Mon, 4th Aug 2008, 2:18am

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In the emitter attributes, there is an option in the "Position" section which provides the following options:

"Free from origin" means that once the particles are emitted, they will not be affected by the movement of the origin, or emitter.

"Stuck to origin" does the opposite. The entire emission will move with the emitter any time its position is adjusted.
Posted: Mon, 4th Aug 2008, 2:33am

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Thank you! I actually figured this out a few hours ago. But thanks for the help!