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Video to Hard Drive [ANSWER]

Posted: Mon, 4th Aug 2008, 6:47pm

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I've completed a video and I'd like to upload it to YouTube via VideoWrap. I haven't rendered it yet or put it on my hard drive because I'm confused. My computer asks how I want to put it on my hard drive -- "Playback on this computer" or on another computer, or DivX, whatever that is, among other possibilities. Which would be best so VideoWrap can do a good job for YouTube? I have Windows XP and Roxio Easy Media Creator. Please help.
Posted: Thu, 7th Aug 2008, 3:50pm

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You want to save it out to a high quality AVI or MOV file that won't fiddle with the resolution or quality. Unfortunately some editing programs such as Roxio try to be clever and make things easier, when in fact all they end up doing is disguising the best route!

Try to find the option that allows you to choose settings yourself, and then export to a Quicktime video file using the 'Animation' codec.