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Question for any of you Pinnacle Studio Users

Posted: Wed, 6th Aug 2008, 12:46am

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I had been doing an edit in CL Pro, and saved as an AVI
I watched it via windows media player after i saved it and it was fine

I go to add it into my movie in Pinnacle and when i do, the file itself on the timeline is blue? Like nothing i just did, just blue footage for 5 seconds

Any ideas?
Posted: Wed, 6th Aug 2008, 10:12am

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Simon K Jones

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Does Pinnacle support the codec you used to render the video?

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Posted: Wed, 6th Aug 2008, 11:02am

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I have Pinnacle studio 12 and this means you need to change the format and that file type isnt supporteed...if All else fails Pinnacle has a wonderful support system...
Posted: Wed, 6th Aug 2008, 12:12pm

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I am completely moronic, but is the file type AVI? Or what do you mean? and how do i find out what codec i used or can use to render the video?

Posted: Fri, 8th Aug 2008, 11:31pm

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AVI isn't a codec in and of itself. You have options in avi such as Mpg, mp4,cineform (if you spent enough money), xvid, and uncompressed.

I have also ran tino issues within interlacing when you start on the wrong field (even or odd).

Pinnacle OFFICIALLY supports only a few codecs from import (but for multiple edits, I'd use uncompressed if you have the space)