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how to make light swords a diffrent way

Posted: Mon, 11th Aug 2008, 7:09am

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first you need to paint a pole blue or green or yellow or red it depends were you are shooting then film you light sowrd fight
then go into any 3 fxhome products and chroma key the light sowrd (making sure there is no other e.g. green things in the shot) and replace it with an alamdv2 light sowrd and wella.[/img][/b]
Posted: Mon, 11th Aug 2008, 8:50am

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Far better is to key the lightsword footage as you say, then use the alpha channel to create a neon object. That way you get the rendering quality and flexibility of the neon light engine, while using the automated movement from the keyed footage.

However, it's worth noting that this won't really work for fast action sequences. Some shots will always need to be rotoed manually.