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Web Series with Representation needs cool Space Backdrops

Posted: Wed, 13th Aug 2008, 9:59am

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We're a studio out in Los Angeles, represented by one of the major agencies, and we're creating a pilot to go pitch as a sci-fi comedy web series with possible expansion for television. The look is slightly old-school, more (80's) Buck Rogers TV show than (new) BattleStar Galactica, and will offer the creator some great experience to do some really creative work.

We're a friendly and creative group looking for a brilliant FX artist with a sense of humor and a knack for originality.
If this sounds like you, then post a reply with some basic info in this topic, and we'll try and get back to you. I apologize in advance if we don't get a chance to reply to everyone.

Mostly what we'll need is a few cool starfields. Most likely, we'll be handling the model compositing over here, though if you'd like to give that a try as well, we'd be willing to let that go.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Posted: Sun, 19th Oct 2008, 6:20pm

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here; try this web site: