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2 Point Neon Light Effects

Posted: Sun, 17th Aug 2008, 6:42pm

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Currently I own Effectlab Pro. I love to make video using the Neo light swords. I like the four point option but it just takes so much more time to use then my friends who use Adobe after-effects. That's because Adobe has a two point option. I've tried to use lasers to make my two point, but I really like the set up of Neon better.

I guess what I really would like to see is a two point option in neon light of the Effectslab Pro product.
Posted: Sun, 17th Aug 2008, 9:36pm

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The Laser engine essentially is a two-point neon light; what is it about the laser that isn't working for you?
Posted: Fri, 22nd Aug 2008, 1:19am

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theres a 2 point lightsaber in the preset downloads section