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Fringing and poor extraction of hair

Posted: Wed, 20th Aug 2008, 1:55pm

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I'm using a trial version of Photokey, but even with maximum settings in spill suppression, I'm getting a fringe on the subject and very poor extraction in the hair.

Screengrab here
and the original file

Is this down to the lighting on the background, or is there a setting that needs to be adjusted?

Vincent MacNamara
Posted: Wed, 20th Aug 2008, 3:21pm

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Simon K Jones

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There appears to be a slight bug in the 'Key' section that prevents spill suppression from automatically working if you're using a bluescreen. If you change the auto colour difference filter from 'automatic' to 'Blue' it should work properly.

Unfortunately it still doesn't seem to work too well on your particular image. This is most probably due to the bluscreen being very dark - it could do with being a lot brighter (as long as you don't get overexposed highlights). Another trick is to put as much distance between the subject and the screen as possible.
Posted: Thu, 21st Aug 2008, 6:36pm

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Thanks Tarn,

Tried it again with a better lit greenscreen and it works well

Posted: Fri, 22nd Aug 2008, 6:26pm

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I have my green screen lit very well and position the subject about 4-5 feet away and I get GREAT results! Small wish list....

1) Shows filename at the top for the foreground
2) Imports RAW files directly