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Colour management

Posted: Thu, 21st Aug 2008, 7:29pm

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Composite images that I create have no colour profile attached even though foreground and background images are tagged with a profile. Are there any plans to implement colour management in PhotoKey?
Posted: Tue, 16th Sep 2008, 4:28pm

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This is an issue with this product. I imported a bunch of images that were in ProPhotoRGB and noticed that they were exported in sRGB and thus the color is way off as the FxHome Photokey conversion was pretty horrible. I wish FxHome would at least support AdobeRGB 1998. Color management and the inability to mask are the 2 downfalls for this product, otherwise it is very good. If the product could at least extract the image and, rather than add in a new background, give the option of exporting in layers, that would be an improvement too.

I am going to try importing AdobeRGB1998 images and see what happens then. There is nothing in the documentation about color spaces or color management so I will post back and let you know what I learn!