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Bullet Casings, Where do I find them?

Posted: Sun, 24th Aug 2008, 10:34pm

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Hello I am trying to find bullet casing ejection animation effects. Does anyone know if they are located on the FXhome Website or do I have to make it from scraatch?? I also was looking for some good prset bullet tracers like for a automatic weapons, machine guns 50. cal and such...
Any help would be appreciated!!
Posted: Mon, 25th Aug 2008, 12:22am

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Try Demolition Flms, they have great stuff including free bullet casngs, it is under "SPent Brass" !
Posted: Mon, 25th Aug 2008, 12:29am

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check around there
Posted: Tue, 26th Aug 2008, 5:15am

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Enjoy! wink