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Make Presets for characters in web episode series

Posted: Fri, 5th Sep 2008, 4:02pm

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Hello all.

I am looking for someone with deep skills at Effects Lab Pro and their other wonderful software to develop presets for the characters in my web episodic live action super show. We filmed 10 episodes and I'd like to take the special effects to the next level on a SE DVD. Check out the show here

If you are interested message me with a link to some of the things you have done.

Once you watch the show you can tell it's low low budget paid out of my own pocket but there is the possibility of compensation. If this is not the right forum section for this I apologize.

Much thanks!
Posted: Sat, 6th Sep 2008, 5:54am

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Having had a brief look, I'm thinkoing your best bet would be to just provide the raw footage for whoever you get to help you, so they could create the effects specifically for each shot, and do them properly. As opposed to just having them create presets for you to try fit in. Though that is probably the sort of thing you would work out after someone has contacted you.

Some idea of your time frame would be helpful as well, as there seems to be a fair amout of effects work involved in what you are asking, and it would take some considerable time.