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Camera Capture

Posted: Mon, 8th Sep 2008, 7:34pm

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Hi Everyone. I've been using Photo Key Batch now for a couple of school portrait shoots and it works fantastic. I would like to take this to the next level and be able to shoot directly into Photo Key and have a back ground selected that is automatically applied. That way I can show the school exactly how the portrait will look with the background and they are not looking at just a green screen. Also, I shoot with a Nikon d-50. What would be a good camera capture software pgm that will display photos right into your laptop strait from the camera. I used Camlynx before with a portrait company but that is just a little bit above my budget. Anything out there that is reasonable for small time portrait photgraphers.
Posted: Mon, 8th Sep 2008, 9:19pm

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pinnacle 12 is 100$ and it has Capture. I think. you might want to look into it though.
Posted: Mon, 8th Sep 2008, 9:24pm

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Thanks! I use Pinnacle Studio Plus 11...didn't know it had camera capture capabilities. I'll have to read the book. Thanks again.
Posted: Tue, 9th Sep 2008, 5:14am

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FXhomer88606 wrote:

didn't know it had camera capture capabilities
I'm pretty sure it doesn't
Posted: Wed, 22nd Oct 2008, 9:34pm

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Nikon has their Camera Control software that allows you to shoot tethered. I'm shooting school pictures as well but I'm processing each photo as soon as it's shot.

I use Camera Control Pro 2 with my Nikon D3 and the standard PhotoKey software. The jpgs immediately appear in a directory on my laptop. I click the change button on the import tab and select the new picture. It appears keyed to the selected background and I click print.

Then, it's on to the next kid.
Posted: Thu, 23rd Oct 2008, 8:08pm

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Hi Ruffles,

That's a great tip. Thanks for the info.