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Preset Help

Posted: Tue, 9th Sep 2008, 12:46pm

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Hey Guys

Just wondering how do you add a preset into CLP i upload it into the software but cannot find it does it have something to do with the gold,silver,bronze thing/ not sure here


Posted: Fri, 19th Sep 2008, 3:18pm

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A lot are already in there. For CLPro, there is a filter on the right side to check CLpro only.

Gold silver and bronze are the ratings of each-- they don't have anything to do with CLPro or the others
Posted: Sat, 20th Sep 2008, 12:24am

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The presets section of the manual covers the whole importing process, I think, as well as where to find the presets. With CompositLab its pretty easy, as they are all in the same place. Click the "FX" logo on the timeline laer you want to add the preset to.

The Gold, Silver, Bronze thing is just a rating of the quality of the preset, and has othing to do with their installation. However, each preset also has a list of icons indication which programs it is compatible with. Any presets missing the CompositeLab icon won't install into CompositeLab.

Can you confirm that the original presets that come with the program are installed properly? If not, try a clean reinstall. If so, and you are still having a problem, let us know the name of a specific preset or two that are causing you problems, and we'll go from there.
Posted: Tue, 23rd Sep 2008, 12:51pm

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got it i was using safari web browser to download it and they unzip the file so i had to user another browser so it was zipped and that worked

thanks alot for your help